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Clara Shortridge Foltz Crimnal Justice Center

Clara Shortridge Foltz Crimnal Justice Center


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The Wilshire Police Station sends all of its criminal cases to the Clara Shortridge Foltz Crimnal Justice Center. The Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center is one of the main courthouses in the Greater Los Angeles County and it serves the entire county of Los Angeles.


This courthouse is located at 210 West Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012, which is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. It is only a few miles away from the famous Union Station, which makes this courthouse so accessible. The size of this courthouse is pretty significant and is sandwiched by a few federal buildings, which makes this area very busy and productive.


Some of the services that are offered in this courthouse include: Appeals, Bail Bonds, Community Service, Criminal, Traffic, Civil Law, and Health Services. The men and women at the Wilshire Police Station rely on this courthouse to handle all of their prosecutions and to get all of the criminals the sentencing they deserve for the crimes they have committed. Because this courthouse is so big, the safety of the building and everyone inside of it is extremely important, which is why every person that enters the courthouse will have their bags and persons searched via an x-ray machine and a metal detector.


This is to ensure that there are no weapons entering the building at any time. To add to the security there are police officers that are constantly patrolling the area as well as inside of the building. However, courthouse administrators urge the public to visit the courthouse and witness the judicial system work for everyday situations. Anybody is able to sit in a court hearing and witness how an appeal or hearing is conducted. You do not have to come to this courthouse just because you have to.


It could be a good way to get more involved in your government and see how everything works firsthand. It is essential that people learn how the government works so that they know exactly how to handle any legal case that may come their way. Another great thing about the courthouse is that even with all of the traffic that comes through this building, everything is still completely organized thanks to the effort of the men and women that are employed here.


The employees of this courthouse work diligently to make sure that all of the legal work for the Los Angeles County is being handled properly and as efficiently as possible. They want to make a visit to this courthouse as pleasant as possible.

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