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Teen Arrested For Stealing Parents Car

Parents spend their entire lives protecting their children from harm and trying to teach life values that will help them become successful. Two parents in the city of Wilshire tried everything they could to keep their son out of trouble. He is a straight A student and his hobbies include playing the piano and practicing his debates for the debate team. However, they recently bought their son a used GTA IV game, which has been very popular for a couple of years now. After playing the game, the kid got the idea to steal his parent’s car and try to kill as many people as possible. Lucky for the kid, he did not know the first thing about driving and crashed into a tree trying to hit his first victim. The kid was injured and taken to the hospital for minor injuries. The kid confessed to his true intentions and his parents were in complete aw and did not know that one game could have this much of an effect on a child’s mind.

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