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Mom Of Special Needs Child Found Murdered

Dee Dee blancharde is the mother of a 19-year-old special needs child had to move with her daughter to Wilshire in order to get better care for her and her daughter. However, one day the two went missing and their joint facebook page had some absurd posts about her death and that her daughter was raped. These posts made their friends and neighbors worry about the wellbeing of the two and called the police for help. The police went into the house and found nobody in the house, so they issued a missing person search. However, a few days later they found the body of the mother in the home, but nobody ever saw her enter or leave the house. Later that week they found her daughter with a male friend of the family, who has become a person of interest, but not necessarily a suspect yet. Police are still investigating the crime scene and the dead body. They will also try to question the family friend and the daughter in order to get more clues of what happened and why it happened.


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